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Who We Are

Our mission is to offer advanced, personalized insights into health and lifespan dynamics.

We provide free access to our cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and a comprehensive proprietary vector database.

Our aim is to become a preeminent, reliable, source for individuals to understand, implement, and track their personal longevity journey.

Our Unique Approach

Our methodology is distinctively innovative.

We harness the capabilities of an expansive language model, augmented by our exclusive vector database.

This combination empowers us to deliver profound, precise insights into health and longevity with unparalleled accuracy and personalization. Our platform is meticulously designed to be not only highly specialized and efficient but also scalable and dynamic. 

Personalized Longevity Insights and Coaching

At The Longevity AI, we offer bespoke longevity coaching, drawing from an extensive dataset encompassing all available longevity research, related sciences, and proprietary data.

We emphasize accuracy and conciseness, tailoring our support to align with individual goals.

We encourage users to share details about their diet, health, lifestyle, and longevity aspirations, together unlocking personalized pathways to longevity.

The Power of Customization

Our emphasis on individuality is paramount.

The customization capabilities of our technology ensures elevated user benefit and engagement, which in turn fuels the strength of the platform. 

Our ever-evolving proprietary vector database not only ensures the precision and personalization of our insights, but also grants you a unique and innovative edge for your journey.

Looking Ahead

In an era where AI is continuously advancing, The Longevity AI remains committed to evolution and innovation.

Our vision, of course, includes continually refining and developing our model, integrating emerging technologies, and exploring new domains.

On full launch, you will be able to seamlessly access and query: the latest FDA and USDA data and guidelines; interpretation of biomarker test results; integration with wearable devices; and photographic meal scanning technology, to name only a few.

On the other side of the table, our Enterprise version will transform patient care for medical professionals.

The Enterprise version will introduce a AI-led patient management system, enhancing communication, analysis and awareness, tracking, and e-prescription services.

This focus extends to integration with medical-grade devices, and establishing partnerships with research organisations, insurance providers, and clinics.


The Longevity AI is free a longevity coach for everyone.

A Symbolic AI, LLM-based, platform offering personalized longevity coaching generated from a dataset comprising of all known longevity research, related science, and proprietary data.

The Longevity AI is a free longevity coach for everyone.

A Symbolic AI, LLM based, platform offering personalized longevity coaching generated from a dataset comprising of all known longevity research, related science, and proprietary data.

Longevity science is highly personalized, hard to validate, and can be complex to understand.

Only a few longevity coaches and physicians currently practice, meaning only the elite can get personalized access.

The Longevity AI solves this problem by giving users immediate, personalized, insights from the complete store of our current longevity knowledge, presented in ways that can be integrated into daily lives.

The Longevity AI is a free longevity coach for everyone.

We seek to democratize the longevity space, bringing access, empowering you. 

We believe the world needs access to longevity coaching, and AI is the best tool we have to do this at scale.

We are not in the business of selling your data.

In the future your coach may recommend products and services from Longr or our partners as part of its coaching service based on your longevity needs or questions.

You will also have the opportunity to access additional premium features, such as paid subscription for celebrity coaches, however, our core AI and additional features alongside it shall always remain free to you.

The Longevity AI is powered by Longr.

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